We meet together as a group on a Sunday morning at 11am to share and encourage one another. We meet together as a community to praise the God who loves us through song, prayers and our chats with each other. We usually have a talk from a passage in the bible, a band leads us in singing some songs and we have a slot where we get to know someone who’s been coming to Ignite. It is a very informal time where there is no expectation on anyone to say or do anything. We usually start with tea and coffee at about 11am and have more after too – you’re welcome to come at anytime.


Worship. The ‘all about God’ purpose At Ignite we believe that worship is the core of what we do. Worship is what we do in response to what God has done for us. We do this not only through singing but through praying and basically anything we do in our lives. You might have seen the verse on the wall from Colossians 3: 17 – which talks about every detail in our lives, words actions, whatever – be done for God. So we worship God continually with all that we do
Community. The ‘each other’ purpose We believe that community is an essential part of being a Christian – we are called to love each other, encourage each other, build each other up among many others. We are here to be a support and a genuine encouragement to each other. In the bible it says that when we become Christians we are in Gods family and we can call each other brothers and sisters. It is this type of deep relationships that we hope to encourage in Ignite.
Transformation. The ‘me’ purpose God loves us and accepts us as we are but he also believes that being in relationship with him and being more like His son is the best thing for us. We all change as the years go on – we get older and wiser. At Ignite we believe that we are called to be transformed also – we are called to be more like Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit. We can do that in lots of ways but things like Ignite and Ignite groups help also as we learn and grow together and by ourselves we are transformed to be a better version of ourselves as we trust in God more.
Mission. The ‘all about others’ purpose We are not here for ourselves so we may become an exclusive club but we are called to go and love everyone we meet. Gods hope is that all people may come to know him and be in relationship with him. We don’t do this by bible bashing but by sharing our lives with the people we meet and know – loving and serving those people that they too may feel loved by God. We feel that it is our calling to bless and serve the community we are in because God cares about the people living in the community. We are motivated by God and how he loves us not by feeling obligated or forced to.