Day 1 – Who is the hero?

The creation story is one most people in the world have heard of; even if they haven’t read it in full, most will know the jist.

God created.

One thing that always humbles me about the account, and it was touched upon in the reflection in the E100 bible, is…who is the central figure? Who is the story about? Who is the main man? Who is the hero?

In the next film you watch, take note of when the main character is introduced to you. More often than not, you’re introduced to him/her almost immediately. And more often than not, that is the hero of the story.

The Bible is no different. The account of how the world and the Universe came about is no different.

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God….”

God is the hero of the story.

So often, it easy to believe that you and I are the centre of the story of our lives.

This is so dangerous. It becomes easy to be selfish. It becomes easy to simply look out for ourselves. Or, if you’re going through a tough time, if you’re feeling the weight on your shoulders, you can believe there is no way out, because it’s all on you.

If I let go, and let Jesus be the hero of my story, then it’s different. I’ll want others to be in on his story. I’ll know that his is the better way. I’ll know that since he’s the hero, he ultimately wins, and I’ll want others to know that. It won’t always make things easier, but it’s better for Jesus to be my hero, than for me to try to be my own. That will never end well!!

I’ll know that no matter what I’m going through, there is a greater purpose. There is a great person. There is a great God. And that is Jesus.

So is God….is Jesus…your hero? In the same way he is the central character, the hero of this story, is he the centre of mine and yours?



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  1. B

    Thanks Al for kicking us off!

  2. Simon

    this is exciting! I always liked Batman when i was younger but I believe Jesus is better than him now. reading the passage this morning I was challenged to the fact that we are ‘made in Gods image’.

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