Day 9 – Ah Bless

Genesis 27 & 28
God is very big into blessing. Already we’ve read plenty of evidence for that.

Day 1: blessing crops up 3 times. He blesses the living creatures, a day for resting, and the humans.
Day 4 he blesses Noah and his family, Day 6 he blesses Abram and those who will bless him, repeated in yesterday’s reading.

And today’s reading is full of it. Mentioned 27 times!
Jacob and his mother scheme to do the first born of the twins out of a blessing. An extremely important blessing. You can steal a blessing??? Apparently…
Whatever about stealing them, giving blessings is open to everyone. Due to an imbalance called “prosperity” gospel, which claims that God wants us all to be rich and healthy, lots of people got a bit wary of blessing. Perhaps it’s one of God’s ideas that we could revive.
Think of your friends and family. How can you bless them today? With peace? Maybe as Michael said on Sunday, with grace first of all? With joy? With a strong sense of how much God loves them, and doesn’t regret how he made them? With hope or courage or trust? Then sit back and watch what happens!


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