Day 11 – Joseph: Betrayed like Jesus

Genesis 37

Last week we looked at Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Esau.  Yesterday at our Ignite service, I spoke about Jesus being the greater Abraham, the greater Isaac, as well as the greater Esau.Perhaps I still had this in mind while reading the start of the story of Joseph…


The thing is…what jumped out to me was how much the plight of Joseph mirrors that of the plight of Jesus when he is ultimately crucified.  Joseph is betrayed by his brothers.  They plot to kill him and throw him in a cistern, but instead they sell him into slavery.  He’s then lifted out by traders, and as we’ll read on, he’ll go on to be a leader and save many lives.


Jesus comes along in the New Testament.  He is disowned, abandoned, betrayed by his people, is put in a hole and left for dead.  He later rises, and saves many more than even Joseph.


As you read Joseph’s story, can you see God’s story coming through in it?




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