Day 12 – “Oooooh You Gotta Have Faith”

Genesis 39-41

In this chapter we see a change in Joseph’s character- a maturity and a spiritual growth. Even though Joseph has suffered betrayal by his family, slavery and imprisonment he still puts God at the centre of his life. He completely trusts in the Lord.

I am so impressed by Joseph. A few weeks ago, I was angry with God and struggled with our relationship. However I remained faithful and gave all my jumbled-up feelings to God. I laid them out before the cross. God answered me in beautiful ways through Ignite and through conversations with friends. God comforted me and gave me an understanding of why terrible things happen in our lives.  Even though I wanted to blame God and get angry with Him I, with much difficulty, remained faithful and I was rewarded just as Joseph remained faithful to the Lord and he was rewarded.

What I think we should take away from this passage is; through joyful and sorrowful times we must remain faithful to the Lord and He will lovingly reward and bless us.



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