Day 13 – The one where Joey starts acting loopy!

Genesis 42

I’ve never really enjoyed this section of the story, because Joseph doesn’t seem to be able to get his act together. He doesn’t know what he wants, can’t control his emotions, can’t decide whether to hug his brothers or kill them, has them jumping through hoops for a chapter or two.

Of course, family will do that to you sometimes, usually without even dropping you in a pit, leaving you for dead and then selling you off to a lifetime of slavery! So maybe I should go easy on him.

God has put Joseph in a place where he can save his whole family, and it is all coming together perfectly now, but Joseph needs to forgive them in order to allow himself be God’s instrument in this. It came out of the blue and Joseph is probably having a hard time catching up!

So who are we in a position to help? Who will God use us to reach? Are we willing to let him do that, or have we our own agenda for the people around us?

Someone, and it might be Donald Miller, wrote that you only really know you are following God when he wants you to do one thing, you want to do the opposite, and you choose to do what God wants!
By the way, I think that Joseph is much more like Ross than Joey!



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  1. B

    Love the part ‘you only really know you’re following God when…’ bit in the blog today. It’s hard to make those kinds of decisions sometimes. Deep inside us do we know which way to go?

    When I look back on times when I’ve chosen what God wants rather than my plans or immediate happiness – I end up sighing with relief that I didn’t chose something else. God’s way makes sense in the end.

    Reminds me too of that old song ‘God will make a way, when there seems to be no way’ – warning though it is a little corny!

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