Day 14 – Joseph & Judah

Genesis 43 & 44

It seems that Joseph is in two completly different frames of mind.
-First off he lays out a feast for his brothers giving the youngest brother Benjamin five times more than the other brothers.

-Secondly and what came to me as a shock was when he instructed one of the stewards to place his silver cup in Benjamin’s bag and basically set him up for theft.What a complete change in character?
What could have been going through Joseph’s mind at this point? Why would he want his brother to bare the punishment of being his slave? Or does he even want Benjamin as a slave, is there more to his motto? Is he trying to test his brothers?

Judah tells Joseph of his sick father back in Egypt and that if Benjamin doesn’t return his father will die of grief. Judah steps up to offer himself as a slave in Benjamin’s place! What a sacrifice?
Are we willing to make sacrifices to God?

It may not be an extreme sacrifices in this case but day to day sacrifices?



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