Day 15 – He Has a Plan

Well, Genesis 45:1-28 is the story of how Joseph revealed his true identity to his brothers, many years after they sold him into slavery. Then, he takes them all to Egypt where Pharaoh gives them the best land to live off of.

While I was reading this passage, this prayer of commitment really made me realise that God has a path set for me and even though I may not like what happens or know why they happen I do know that it’s what’s best for me:

Loving God,
Like Joseph, we don’t always understand why things happen the way they do;
why our plans and dreams fail,
and we find ourselves facing challenge after challenge,
and disappointment after disappointment.

Yet, like Joseph, we also believe that You are at work in our lives,
and that You have a larger plan and purpose for each one of us.

Give us faith to trust in You no matter what challenges we face.
Give us courage to place our dreams and ambitions in Your hands,
and then follow where You lead without hesitation,
confident that Your loving presence goes with us.

Then, in Genesis 46:1-7 Israel puts all his trust in God to bring him and all of his offspring to and back from Egypt safely.
This made me wish I could have as much trust in God as Israel does and not to be afraid of what happens because God will always keep me safe no matter what.

Anna H

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