Day 19 – Get ready, get set!

Exodus 12

The beginning of the end. The start of their rescue.

“Deliverance” out of Egypt. Their slave masters finally let them go. “Get out of Egypt”.

God is going to spend the next 40 years getting Egypt out of them, training and teaching a group of 3-4 million former slaves how to live as free people.

Not just any old free people: God’s chosen people, the ones who are tasked with representing him to the rest of the world.

This hugely important chapter has hints of Jesus everywhere:

  • Rescue from that level of tyranny and domination doesn’t come without sacrifice and loss. It cost the first-born sons of every Egyptian family to convince Pharaoh to release them.
  • Safety from the destroyer came at the price of a perfect lamb, and was only applied to those who put themselves under the cover of the blood of that lamb.

But (and this is the really exciting bit) most of the rest of God’s detailed instructions were about what comes next.

God is breaking it to them gently: get ready, the escape you’ve longed and pleaded and cried out for is coming, but it’s only the start of a journey with me that you’re going to be on for the rest of your lives, and I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS! Let’s go!



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