Day 20 – Never Once

Exodus 13 – 14

This story is class.  It has a Sat Nav cloud & a pillar of fire, Joseph’s bones and walls of water! It’s the one I love to tell kids … we try to make walls of water & realise how impossible it is. When we have cleared up the mess, we imagine what could be seen through the walls of water … fish, sharks …  could the fish see them? How big were the walls? Could they stick their hand into the wall & catch their dinner?

The Israelites were free and were on their way to the Promised Land! The celebration must have ended pretty soon after the reality of wandering in a desert wilderness kicked in, even turning backwards at points.

I would have felt abandoned.

Pharaoh then thunders up with every chariot in Egypt, his horses, horsemen and troops. The Israelites are trapped between the sea and an army.

I would have felt trapped and abandoned.

But God did the impossible. When there was no way, He made a way. God made the epic escape route through the sea on a dry path with walls of water. His people were not overcome. His people never walked alone.

And we serve this faithful God who can find a way when there is no way, and a God who will never leave us on our own.  When there was no way back to Him, He made a way through Jesus.

This is that I listen to when I feel trapped, isolated or scared …


Naomi Mc

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