Day 21 – Holy

Exodus 19 – 20


God is holy, and I sometimes forget what that means.


It’s easy to read the 10 commandments and read them as rules.  I’ve done it, we’ve all done it.  I remind myself of them, and I realise how far I fall short.  Then I feel bad.  I feel as though I’m not good enough.  Why do I even try to live a Christian life when I fail so often?

Every time I do this though, I miss the point.


What if…God, through the commandments, was simply showing how holy He is?

What if…God was simply setting his ways apart?

What if…God was showing us how much we need Him?

What if…God was giving us a glimpse of the grace we need?


I don’t believe God wants us to feel bad.  I believe He wants us to be set apart.  I believe He wants us to be a holy people.  I believe He knows we can’t do this alone.  He knows we need Him, and the commandments give us a glimpse of just how holy our God is.


Then there’s Jesus.  Jesus is not only a glimpse, HE IS HOLY.  He makes us holy in God’s sight, and then we can be set apart like God wants.


Our God is holy.  That is a good thing.


We don’t have to be good enough on our own.  God already loves us.  That is a good thing.


Jesus then makes us holy if we let him work in our lives.  That is an even better thing.


So I leave you with a short question…Do you want holiness in your life?



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