Day 28 – Through God all things are possible

Judges 6 – 7

For me, the book of Judges is SO frustrating! We constantly witness God’s people (the Israelites) moving from one god to another and then cry out for help – silly people! I don’t know about you, but I find this really annoying, but then as I thought about, I have realised that this frustration, this back and forth faith that we often have and impatience with God, often reflects my life. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself, ‘who am I living for, me or God?

The story begins with the simple fact that the Israelites are being oppressed by their neighbour’s…the Midianites and Amalekites. Action must be taken. So God asks Gideon to do something about it (6:14). However, very unsure of both himself and God, Gideon asks for proof of God and God does three miracles. God performs these miracles and Gideon begins his quest to eliminate the enemies of the Israelites.


I’m loving how God works here. He makes the impossible possible using limited resources. Gideon goes into battle with 300 men rather than the thousands that he started with…just to prove God’s power.


So what have we learned here?

  • God can use you with your gifts and skills. Nothing is impossible for God if we chose to listen and act on His calling. Moses and Gideon doubted their ability but God knew their potential.
  • We will have enemies in our life. People that don’t like you, oppress you for what you believe in. God will guide you as you overcome those that hold you back from living for God.
  • We will face conflict in our lives but God will guide us in those times and He will use all situations to bring glory to Him.




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