Day 29 – Superbrat/Superhero

Judges 13 – 16

“I’d hate to be married to him” was the first thing I thought. Disaster of a man! Womaniser, anger issues, can’t decide whose side he’s on – apart from his own. You can see people leaving town when he arrives, the look that says “Here comes trouble!” Was God desperate that he put Samson in charge of his people for 20 years?!?

My mother regularly said “there are 2 sides to every story”.

  • His miraculous birth was announced twice to parents by the angel of the LORD
  • The reason for his life was also given in advance: he will take the lead in delivering Israel
  • God blessed him from boyhood. The Spirit of the LORD began to stir him!! (love that, the Spirit is a stirrer)
  • 3 times (at least) the Spirit of the LORD came powerfully on him
  • God provided water for him because he was thirsty after a fight
  • Even after God left him, he came back to Samson one last time, so that between them they wiped out all the rulers of the Philistines

God accomplished stuff through Samson that a meek and mild person could never have done.

PS Every supermarket in Ireland has a phrase from the Bible in it thanks to Samson. Check out a tin of Lyle’s Golden Syrup. Under the drawing of a lion corpse with bees buzzing round, it says “out of the strong came forth sweetness”!



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  1. B

    Peter put this up on facebook earlier, in case you didn’t see it – a comedian singing about Samson

  2. Aisling

    We’ve been singing a song in choir (not as good as Peters!) But it too has Samson references. It sings like ‘Samson was a witness for my Lord’ and then ‘My Soul is a witness for my Lord’. I dont really like the idea of my soul and Samson being compared, but maybe is this in terms of faith? I mean, if someone told me my hair was magicm there’d be a lot of questions. But Samson doesnt ever seem to doubt God. Or does he? Cant remember the passage exactly but nothing comes to mind to suggest otherwise, or have I just been taking gospel choir too seriously?

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