Day 32 – Act Differently

In 1 Samuel 8-10 we see Israel’s desire for a leader. The people want to be like all the other nations and be ruled over by one king. This is like a slap in the face to God who has done so much for Israel. He wanted them to be a holy nation, to stand out from all the others. He wanted Israel to be an example of a different, better way of living.

This is something that, as Christians, we all struggle with. Often it seems much easier to conform to society. The path of least resistance seems to be to agree and go along with everyone else. Maybe we decide to go out with friends rather than spending time with our family.

Maybe we chime in with gossip. Maybe we turn a blind eye to other people’s suffering because its just “easier that way.” We must ask ourselves is this a good way of living? Are we living for God or living for ourselves? Is what we’re living for worth Christ dying for? Like Israel, God wants us to a holy example. he wants us to stand out, to think differently, act differently. He wants us to be a holy people living for his glory.

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