Day 34 – Oh wait…I hear you now!!

1 Samuel 23 – 24

I’m going to pretty open in this passage because I really felt God spoke to me through it and it helps me hearing about peoples experiences and struggles… because we’re not all perfect, in fact we are far from it.

1 Samuel 23:16 ”And Saul’s son, Jonathan went to David at Horsesh and helped him find strength in God.” I feel like I’ve being struggling a lot with coming to God lately and just being in complete relationship, but God is constantly using people in my life to help me find strength in God and get completely back into that God-filled relationship. I know it’s easier said than done, which is why I’m struggling with it.


Sometimes I feel quite like Saul in this chapter, going against God but then towards the end, it was like alarm bells went off in Saul’s head –

1 Samuel 24:16-17 ”Is that your voice, David my son? And he wept aloud. You are more righteous than I” he said. ” You have treated me well, but I have treated you badly”.  


I feel this is very similar to my relationship with God…God being (David) and myself being (Saul) ”Is that your voice, Abba, Father? And I wept aloud. You are more righteous than I. You have treated me well, but I have treated you badly” (this is my own version, it’s not a real verse). Before reading this I prayed God would speak to me and challenge me. This verse seemed to jump out at me. I don’t want to be completely negative  because God is never distant – it’s us that puts the barriers up and we like to think God is a million miles away, when really he is right there waiting for us.


Just take a few minutes to look at this drama and see where you are with your relationship with God –



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