Day 37 – Solomon’s Wish

1 Kings 2 – 3

Solomon’s dream about God granting him any wish reminds me of Aladdin and the genie in the lamp…..but of course God did not put any provisos on Solomon’s request. And there are no limitations when it comes to God’s power.


Yet Solomon chose his wish very carefully. It is interesting that even at a very young age, Solomon, who said himself he lacked experience and wisdom, showed great foresight as he chose his one wish very wisely!


His request for discernment benefited him, in that he could rule more effectively with likely less stress and gain respect from his people…it benefitted God because people witnessed a man who knew and loved the Lord demonstrating God’s wisdom… and it benefited the people because they had a wise and decisive king who governed justly and insightfully.


God was pleased with his altruistic request and granted him long life and health in addition to discernment and wisdom.


The documented example of Solomon’s discernment and wisdom to solve a dilemma is fairly gruesome and does not make for light reading………..death of a baby, deceit, lying, possible chopping in two of a newborn all feature. But it demonstrates a deep understanding of human nature and a mother’s sacrificial love which was beyond his years and clearly came from God.


Solomon was held in awe as a King who was wise and just.


Do you ever wonder how you are viewed? How you will be remembered? What would your obituary include? What will be said at your funeral?


Even at a young age, Solomon was known for showing his love for God; for being wise and discerning. God himself even said “there will never have been anyone like you, nor will there ever be” – what do we need to do to be viewed in this way?!




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