Day 38 – How do you Worship?

1 Kings 8 – 9

I’m going to just come out and say it, have you noticed how all these characters that we have been reading about in the Old Testament, the guys who really had a personal relationship with God, whether they are talking to people (usually Israel) or talking to God – always start by offering praise before they get to purpose of their speech or prayer?

I didn’t, until I researched it – it turns out to be true, all of them do it! So shouldn’t we be doing the same? Shouldn’t we have a real personal relationship with God and give praise to Him before we get to the ‘purpose’ of our prayer.

Then you might ask ‘what ways can I worship like the people from the Old Testament?’ To be able to go to God and have a good relationship with Him. There are many ways – you can do it through music, prayers and communion. All this stands insignificant, if you don’t come into a place of worship prepared and eager to come and meet God.

Giving thanks and praising His name when we come to Him, immediately puts everything in its right place. It puts God at the centre and at the top. It puts Him first and places Him before whatever it is that we are bringing to Him.

I think this song sums it up for me. Give it a listen.

Feeling a million miles away from God when we pray, is a common feeling to a lot of Christians but this should alter the way we begin our prayer time with God.  So, what I think you should do today is, set aside some time and before you do anything else, just start to thank God for things (big and small) and give Him praise.



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