Day 40 – Where is He?

So, 2 Kings 25 is the ultimate depression, my first thoughts were, ‘eh … thank you B for this Chapter …’

Israel’s leaders were murdered, their temple was destroyed, their holy city Jerusalem was burnt, the people were taken captive … Israel had simply been massacred. But, this is God’s chosen people … did God abandon Israel?


The reality was that Israel abandoned God. They repeatedly turned from, rebelled against and forgot God; and as repeatedly warned, this ultimately meant defeat and destruction by their enemies, exile and captivity. It was the lowest point in their history.


But, why so much violence? Why so much destruction? Did God have enough of the stubborn Israelites who repeatedly did their own thing?


Sin has serious consequences. Israel learnt the hard way that unchecked sin results in disaster. His people were in total ruin, but God never forgot His promise. His Prophets (and ultimately Jesus) were on the way.


There is one positive to disaster … and having experienced it in my life I know that it is unimaginable painful agony … but it teaches us what is precious in life and it teaches us to cling to God.


We aren’t so different from the frustrating Israelites. We too experience disaster and ruin – sometimes we are to blame, sometimes we aren’t. I don’t understand this, but I know that our God is good, our God is faithful and He loves us dearly. This song reminds me about all the blessings He gives me every day…



Naomi Mc

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  1. Heather Mc

    Only took me 40 days to realise you were posting…I am obviously way out of the loop!!! Thank you for your words Naomi.
    Disaster makes us cling to God…I agree…no better place to be in the good and the bad times.

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