Day 42 – Broken

In Psalm 51 we see the submission of David as he pleads forgiveness from God for the sins he has committed. Psalm 51 discloses the fragility and vulnerability of David, and of mankind, as he comes before The Lord a broken man. He is completely remorseful and doesn’t attempt to make excuses or cover up his wrong doings. He recognises this would be futile as God knows his heart and knows of the sins David has committed.

While reading this passage I was overwhelmed by a sense of relief. Have you ever done something wrong which has weighed heavy on your heart? It starts eating away at you and you begin to feel anxious, stressed, guilty. However once you admit that you have done wrong and ask forgiveness you immediately feel better? David was once a hero, a king, held in high regard but he committed adultery, sinned and lost sight of who he used to be. He lost sight of God. In Psalm 51 David wholly admits he has sinned and he comes before The Lord and asks forgiveness. Surely he must have been overwhelmed with a sense of relief knowing that he was forgiven and once again blessed by the mercy and grace of our loving God.



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