Day 53 – Oh, the pressure!

Luke 2

I get the reading where Jesus is born. And 2 weeks before Christmas, too. Better not fluff it! So Jesus is born, a defenceless baby, in a manger, in a small town during a census, when everyone is traveling and trying to count each other. It must have been chaos.


God, the unlimited, all-powerful, eternal one becomes human for a time, and is limited by his human body (especially while he’s a baby and can’t even talk).


Shepherds get told about it.


The way I always picture it, this is more or less an accident. The angels get overexcited, they are all pushing each other for a better look, and a few accidentally slip through the gap in the dimensions and terrify the shepherds. So then the senior angel says “Don’t be afraid …” and explains what is going on, and because there’s no point in trying to keep quiet any longer, the angels all burst into singing with sheer glee. The shepherds rush off to see for themselves (because they don’t have x-ray vision, which my angels presumably do)


That may not be exactly right, but at least it reminds me how to react to Christmas. In the middle of chaos, something very special has happened, and we are right to get excited, maybe even ridiculously over-excited.



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