Day 61 – What Can I Give?

Luke 9

What are you willing to do?


Believe it or not, when I read one of the most famous stories in the whole of Scripture, that is what has struck me most when I’ve read it over the last few years.


Jesus feeds 5,000.  Yes, that’s obviously pretty freaking incredible.  But He’s God.  That’s the sort of thing He can do.  If we believe Jesus is God, it’s to be expected.


Yes, I’m still in awe, but God is God.  And God is good.  He looks after His people.

But my question is…what are you willing to do?  What are we willing to do?


I don’t know what your prayer life looks like.  I don’t know what your relationship with Jesus even looks like…but for me, a lot of it can be nothing more than a bunch of desperate pleas at times.


“Please get me out of this mess!”

“Please help me pass this exam!”

“Please…I’m really sorry I’ve been lazy, ignored you, forgotten to talk to you, but I really really really really need you right now.  Help!”


And while God is good, and often rescues us in these situations, this story shows me that if that is all I am doing…desperately trying to get His help when I’m failing…then I know I am missing the point.


He’s wants our whole person.  He wants us to give what we have, then He will respond by doing wonderful things.


Jesus got given a few bits of bread and some fish one day and fed a few thousand.

The feeding shouldn’t be the part that shocks us.

He is God after all.


What should challenge us is that Jesus used what was given to Him by the people.

What do you have that you can give, and that Jesus will surely use?



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  1. Richard

    Good point. It’s nice and easy to sit back and let God be God, but when we are asked to play a part (and we are), that get’s scarier, because we have to actually bring something of ourselves.

    Here’s a clip I really liked on this topic:


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