Day 62 – Imaginative Faith

Matthew 14

What are you putting your trust in? This story makes me think of Proverbs 3:5 – ‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding’. So many times we miss great opportunities because were too fearful to put our trust in something new or unfamiliar to us.


Would you get out of the boat? – Even Peter questioned “Is it really you?” before he stepped out. Common sense tells me “YOU’RE GOING TO SINK! Don’t do it” but then my heart says “you just have to focus and trust that you will be ok!”


Peter had faith, when he was focusing and trusting Jesus, but the minute he took his eyes off of Jesus something went wrong, he began to sink…


When you’re on a real “spiritual high” you believe or do anything you’re told because you have a big excitement about EVERYTHING! – “I’m going to tell everyone about Jesus!” You are happy to do anything but when something goes wrong…You feel like you’re back to where you started but really, you’ve just got back into the boat. The boat is in the same place it was when you stepped out the first time…It’s your choice to sit there in fear or pray, stand up and try again.


It took the fact that Jesus saved Peter for the disciples to say “You are the son of God” and not just that he was standing on water. Do you need to see something to believe it? Why is it not as simple as a child’s faith? If you tell a child something, they’ll believe it, like fairy tales. Most children just trust and don’t need to see it for proof. If we could have the faith of a child or the faith Peter had when he first stepped out of the boat, I think being a Christian would be much easier.


What could you do in the midst of your storm to seek God?

What Peter did – Pray! He asked for God’s help; he cried out, “Lord, save me”.

Don’t just give up – Pray and persevere through the storm because with God, it will be worth it.




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