Day 67 – Praise from Men vs. Favour of the King

John 18

This piece of Scripture is painful to read and yet should act as an encouragement to all of us. Jesus’ right hand man abandons him. His best friend. His closest confidant on earth. We read so much about Peter in the four gospel accounts, he goes everywhere with Jesus: ‘We have left everything to follow you!’And yet, when Jesus is arrested and taken to the high priest, Peter trembles under fear, snaps and denies even knowing Jesus, three times in a row.


Many a time I have failed to confess my faith and love in Jesus. Many a time I’ve looked to praise from man as my ultimate value instead of praise from God.  However, this passage is encouraging to me because it reiterates yet again how our God never gives up on us. How our God has not abandoned this world. So often throughout the Bible, we see God working through the down-and-outs, the weak and the broken, to glorify his name and his kingdom. So often we think to ourselves: ‘Why would God use me, I am so weak and slip up time and time again!!’….I’m reminded of Moses who pleads with God to send someone else to the Israelites, like Gideon who insisted he was the weakest in his family, like Leah who nobody wanted or loved, like Paul who persecuted Christians. And like Peter who denied even knowing him.


And yet, so often, these are the people God works through and uses to glorify his name, because at the end of the day, it really isn’t about us! Yes, Peter slipped up but Jesus still insisted that he feed his sheep and lead his church on earth. It’s not about us! It’s about our great God. And in our weakness his power is made perfect.


Here’s a great clip which attempts to reflect some of the heartache Peter may have felt after realising what he had done. Heartache that brought him through great suffering and redemption. And which lead to an even greater love and commitment to his King and his Lord.

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