Day 71 – Hope for the World

Acts 2

Times change.  Cultures change.  The world has changed. What hasn’t changed, is that the local church is the hope for the world.


If I ever need reminding of that fact, this is the piece I return to.


120 people have been saved.   Peter has given the first sermon after Jesus leaves.  It’s passionate.  It’s real.  It’s hopeful.  It’s ready for a fight.  It’s ready to take on the world.


What would it have been like to be there?  When it all started.


Imagine you’re one of those present….


You think Jesus has left you.  You think you’re alone.  You think there’s no hope.  And Peter steps up, and passionately explains what has happened.  There is a reason for it all, and it all fits into God’s plan.


He’s not dead.  He’s alive.


What would you have said?

What would you have done?

Would you have believed him?


120 people called to change the world.


Person by person.


Community by community.


Helping.  Healing.  Loving.  Offering good news.  Just as He did.


It’s the same call now.


What do we say?


What do we do?

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