Day 80 – Speak Boldy

Acts 25 – 28

The story of Paul and his trial before Festus, his hearing before King Agrippa and his dramatic voyage to Crete which ended in shipwreck in Malta is fast-moving and exciting to read. He also testifies about his conversion through meeting Jesus in person on the road to Damascus. He was transformed and changed his name from Saul to Paul.

Yet in the midst of all this drama, the words that really stood out to me were in the very last sentence of the passage….


Acts 28:31 –

“He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!”


Paul was so passionate about his faith, so certain of his salvation, assured of his eternal future and excited about his relationship with Jesus that he proclaimed it bravely and without restriction.


How amazing to have faith like that?

To declare it publicly every day… boldly… and without hesitation. With such certainty that no-one tries to stop you!


But everyone stops to listen.


What would those around us think?

How would those around us change?

Would God honour our boldness?


To me, Paul carried on the way he did because he firmly and resolutely believed in what he was declaring…. 100%.


His experience of Jesus was so life-changing and overwhelmingly positive in very way that he couldn’t possibly avoid sharing his testimony with others… he wanted EVERYONE he ever met to meet Jesus too and know him in the same way. To live transformed lives. To be certain of salvation. To be assured of eternal life. To be in relationship with Jesus.


If you really believe what you say you believe –


Who have you told recently?

Who is God prompting you to tell?

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