Day 81 – God is for us

Romans 8

When I was a child my sister told me that toothpaste was mashed up monkeys in a tube! The fur, bones, guts, everything, mashed up by a machine and put into a tube so we could clean our teeth with them. I believed her…and promptly stopped brushing my teeth. The things we believe are sometimes very strange.


But what about the things we don’t believe. Romans 8 is a passage I keep going back to time and time again. I go back to it because it is a passage of great hope, amazing promises, extreme grace and unconditional love and much much more. Ultimately though, it is a passage I struggle to fully believe.


How could God promise such things, give me grace and show me love?

Why would he bother to give me such hope and make those promises?


I keep going back to it to help me believe that this really is what God is saying to me. Checking each word to make sure I haven’t just read it wrong. When these verses are fresh in my mind they give me a rock solid security.


The key to security is that, “God is for us.” What He has done for us through His Son in the past and what He is doing for us through the Spirit in the present should give me confidence, it should give us confidence. He will certainly complete His work of salvation by glorifying us in the future.


My challenge to you today is not only to read Romans 8, but keep reading it and checking it over until you too come to realise the truth that nobody and nothing can stand in God’s way! Our victory is sure! The Cross is the great proof of God’s love for us, and it is the basis for our victory. It proves that God is for us.


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