Day 85 – Thank You for Everything, God!

Colossians 1

Today’s passage is all about prayer and thanking God for absolutely everything he’s done for us from creating the world to sending His own son, Jesus, to die so that we can be saved.


Thinking about everything that God has done for us also made me think about how we don’t thank Him enough, nor do we pray enough. Sometimes I feel as if prayer can somewhat be pushed to the back of our minds and sometimes when we do pray we can forget about thanking God for never giving up on us and for being so amazing to us when he really and truly doesn’t have to!


While I was thinking about all of this, this prayer came to mind. I don’t really know what to say about it because it kind of caught me off guard while I was writing it, so I really hope it makes sense!


 Dear God,

I thank you so much for knowing absolutely everything about us from the number of hairs we have on our heads to how we are feeling even when we aren’t sure and I thank you for loving us unconditionally despite all of our flaws.

I also thank you for everyone in our lives who strengthen us in our faith by encouraging us,

I pray that we are able to take time out of our busy schedules, to not just read your word, but to worship you and thank you for everything you’ve done for us.

Once again I thank you for absolutely everything you’ve done for each and every one of us,


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