Day 90 – Be Aware

1 Thessalonians 4 – 5

I’m reading 2 books at the moment. ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘The Story of Forgetting’. In the second book, there’s this place called Isidora, totally made up of course. But in Isidora, nobody has any memories, everything is made of gold, and everything anyone could ever want is less than arms length away. You can turn to the person next to you, and fall in love, and turn away and have no recollection of them. You can fall in love with 100 people a day, maybe with the same person, 100 times. There are no words, no names, no nothing. Just everything you want, at the exact moment you want it.


‘The Power of Now’ also has a similar outlook. How can you get more joy from your life, right now? It implies the two biggest problems we have are dwelling on the past and stressing about the future.


I think this passage fits in nicely with the 2 books I’m reading. It tells us to be aware. Be aware that whatever has happened in the past has been Gods doing, and it is no longer a thing that we need to dwell over. And to be aware, that a time will come, when we too will see him, it will come when we least expect it. We need to know that it’s coming, but we shouldn’t let the thought of the future distract us from everything we should be doing now.


So let’s be happy today! That everything we need, we have in plentiful supply (maybe not always at arm’s length), that God loves us and we have the ability to praise and worship him every single day!


Ps. Was awesome seeing most of you at the weekend, delighted I’ll be able to come on the weekend away in May! Yeow x

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