Day 94 – Control

James 1 – 2

James talks about trials and temptations and how they do not come from God but by our own doing. God is perfect therefore he is holy and does not dish out evil to his children. Although you may ask, what about Job? We have to remember it was Satan’s doing not GOD’s!
James goes on to talk about listening and doing. We need to have control of our tongues. We need to let God be the centre of our lives.  It brought me back to the verse “faith without works is dead”.
For example, I can write these blogs and say a load of stuff…but if I don’t believe what I am saying then I’m similar to the “man who looks in the mirror and after looking at himself goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like”.
One thing I’m challenged on this week is where am I in my faith? Am I being pushed?
So I challenge you –


Where are you at? Are you challenging yourself in your faith? Are you pushing boundaries?

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