Day 95 – He Loved Us First…

1 John 3 – 4

This has to be one of the most powerful readings we’ve done during E100, in my opinion. I say this because Jesus gave up His life for us and in return we should live our lives not how we want to, but how Jesus lived his.


1 John 4:9-11 really stood out to me in today’s passage because it just shows how God loved us first, even though at times we would ignore Him, He still loved us and continues to love us each and every day no matter what.


Though sometimes we forget this and then question this and ask does He really love me? And each and every time the answer is ‘yes’. He loved you first and will love you forever and always, and because He loves us unconditionally we should in turn love other people no matter how many flaws they have.


So, my challenge for you all is to love everyone. Yes, it will be tough and hurt and will probably be thrown back in your face at times but don’t we owe it to God?

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