Demonstrating Faith

This week I came across a tough situation where I was worried about someone close to me. I was advised by another, “Pray for healing for this person, and let us thank God for the victory that will soon be revealed. Instead of praying for healing from now on, we thank God that He has healed the person”.


Wow! That’s true faith. Thanking God in advance, with the belief that He will turn the situation around for the best, whatever that outcome may be. It’s hard to have this much faith when it comes to your own life. It’s one thing to say and to genuinely believe that God is capable of anything, but much harder to practice this faith when the outcome will affect you or people close to you.


For me, it’s an on-going journey. The more I pray and leave matters in God’s hands, the more I see positive results. The more I see the results, the stronger my faith in God grows and the more control I hand over to Him. At the end of the day that’s what it’s about. It’s about handing over the control. It’s about accepting that He is more than capable, and He is there to guide us and help us. So we need to trust and HAVE FAITH that He will do so.


Relinquish that control. Hand it over to God. Have faith. Demonstrate that faith. And the result?  Ultimate freedom and the knowledge that when He is in control, victory will be revealed.

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