That prayer thing that everyone is on about…

Prayer – ‘The world’s greatest wireless communication’ Urban Dictionary

So when B came to me asking about the possibility of me doing another blog, I instantly got excited! What topic will I chose? What do I want people to learn from my blog? I decided on prayer…MONTHS AGO, but it just so happens that prayer is the topic we are covering at ignite over the next few weeks, I thank God that it worked out like this. I plan to specifically talk about thanking God, through prayer.


I recently became obsessed with the Psalms, and one thing I found throughout was that they thanked God before they asked for anything, which I think from my own experience I have not done, as much as I could have.


One saying I have begun to ‘dislike’ shall we say, is ‘thank God’. I hear this saying daily from so many different people and I begin asking myself now ‘Are they actually thanking God? Or has it just become a passing saying that has lost all meaning? Food for thought.


I have an amazing life!!  Just thought I would tell you all that. Now, I may not have all the stuff I want, but I have what I need. There are people less fortunate than me who would do anything to be in my position, so I need to be thankful for that. Are you?


I really do think it is so important to thank God, because He has done so much and He deserves a lot of praise!


Something good happened to Luke over the weekend away, and I asked him after he told me of all the amazing things that had happened, ‘Luke, how have you thanked God for this’? He replied with ‘All my life’ and I think that this is the sort of approach we all need to have with God and prayer.


So do you thank God regularly? Is it just a saying now? How do you thank Him?


Try it for the next few weeks if you haven’t before, see if there is any difference.


I have a short clip that you all might have seen. It is about a woman doing an interview outside her house which has been torn apart by the tornado. Listen out for what she says when she gets the best gift she could ask for.

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  1. Jenny Breton

    Great stuff Brian!! Really encouraging 🙂

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