I Have Called You By Name

“I have called you by name; you are mine”- Isaiah 43:1


This is a verse I have stuck on the wall beside my bed and as I read it this evening an image came to mind. The image is of a painting my friend Debbie did during a 24 hour prayer event. It shows a person sleeping as God holds them gently in the palm of his hand.  The person is so small in comparison to the palms of God’s hands and to me it demonstrates God’s greatness and power, intertwined with utter tenderness. It makes total sense that this person would fully rely on and feel safe in the hands of God with all His strength and kindness.


Sometimes life throws challenges at us in the form of work, family, friends, and pressures we place on ourselves. These things can build up and we need to reach a point where we can let go and realise that God is there to hold us and let us rest in Him. He loves us so much and is there with His hands outstretched for us to curl up in and forget all worries.


Everyone knows the famous poem, “Footprints”, that illustrates God carrying us in times of trouble.  Despite God’s willingness and desire to carry us, as humans we tend to try and fix everything ourselves or do it all on our own.  I can just imagine God shaking his head sadly with his hands outstretched saying, “All you need to do is rest here”.


He really wants us to let go and trust Him to take care of everything.


I’d encourage you to read Isaiah 43: 1-7 to hear more of God’s promises to take care of us. He does this because we are His and because He wants to.

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