Are you five thousand, twelve, or one?

John 6:1-24

I want you to listen to this video while reading this blog, and once finished reading, listen to the rest and just think about the question.


So a long time ago, we did a bible study, it was so long ago, that our good friend Ruth was still in our company. We talked about Jesus walking on water, and the whole thing of Peter walking out to see Jesus. I’ve never been particularly happy with just that, so let me add another dimension to that….


The questions that we were asked that day was; Which people are we? Are we one of the 12 just on the boat, or are we the one that actually gets off the boat. I’ve always thought to myself, ‘well why did it suddenly drop to 12?’ Just a few hours earlier Jesus had just performed one of his greatest miracles of feeding the five thousand. So why did none of the others go? It has always baffled me.


So I look at that and try putting it into terms that I can understand, you see something amazing and godly like that (feeding the five thousand), and then don’t go further? It just doesn’t make sense, but maybe you are just going with the group, maybe you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone, and trusting something like this, maybe you are one of the five thousand.


Or maybe in fact you are one of the twelve, who picked up the courage to leave what they were doing in their lives to follow this man. You wanted to go and see what was actually going on here. Even then, are you close to the edge of this ‘boat’; are you about to make the leap of faith as it were? Or are you just sitting right in the middle where it is safe and secure.


Or maybe, you are the one, are you willing to get out of the boat and walk to Jesus, ‘take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger’. You wanted to test the waters, you wanted to get as close as you could, and you might fall before you get there, but that’s okay, because when you do fall, God brings you out stronger on the other side.


So when you look at God and see all these amazing things…..


Where would you put yourself, are you five thousand, are you twelve or are you one?

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