Building the Centre, Extending the Edge

Yesterday we looked at vision and where we believe God is bringing us as a community. The idea being that we need to be building the centre whilst at the same time extending the edges. For those who weren’t there we spoke about us going back to our beginnings. We want Ignite to be a place of building us up as disciples and want to encourage new things on the edges. When we started bounce we tried new things, we did things as a team and we had a missional focus. As we feel God leading we want to encourage new things in new places (like Dalkey, Bray, Stillorgan) or in new people groups (students, sex trade, drug community). I shared some ideas that people have had too. We’ll talk a bit more about this on Sunday. I’m excited about seeing new things, new adventures, God at work.


I also spoke a bit about taking the time to discern whether this was what God was saying to us. For the next four Wednesdays (in February) from 7.30pm for about 45 minutes we are going to meet as a community to pray and chat about the future before we meet for groups. As part of that I spoke a bit yesterday about fasting, I’d love as many of us as possible to take the preceding day to fast – so from Tuesday evening until Wednesday. When I first heard about fasting I thought people didn’t do it nowadays and it was just for people in the bible but having read a bit about it and tried it, I’ve found it a powerful thing. (I don’t do it very often however).


Why fast?

  • Fasting helps us to rely on God – highlights our need for God
  • Helps us to discern God
  • Draws us into a deeper place with God
  • It’s really a physical reminder of a spiritual reality – that we need God


Jesus did it regularly, as did the disciples.


Fasting doesn’t necessarily have to be from food – for some this would be too difficult – strenuous job, taking medication, you’re pregnant etc. You could fast from technology, or facebook, or TV, or from coffee for a day….. The idea is that you take something that you do daily and give it up, take that time then to pray and seek God. If you don’t want to fast that is fine – please still come to pray on the Wednesday evening.


During this time I’d like us to pray and ask God to speak. To show us things, to give us words or passages.


On the Wednesday as we meet we can share what we think God might be saying, pray together and maybe sing a song. So what do you think – are you up for this? Let’s pray and seek expectantly


“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (Hebrews 11: 6)


Some more info on fasting:

2 Responses to “Building the Centre, Extending the Edge”

  1. Ruth k

    Yes and amen. Will be praying with ye and for uj. Cautious, comfortable, held back …. I think not!
    Ps 99 and Is 44

  2. Michael

    Ezra was scared, worried about a journey that could bring dangers and difficulties. He fasted and prayed and God answered him. (Ezra 8:21-23)

    Anna was elderly, weak, and alone. She fasted and prayed and meets with Jesus in the flesh. (Luke 2:36-38)

    Saul was not the ‘ideal candidate’ to lead the church. The church fasted and prayed and sent Saul (Paul!) out .He started close to 20 churches himself, with many more born out of those by his apprentice leaders. (Acts 13:2-4)

    Is it just me or does there seem to be something in this fasting and praying?

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