A New Chapter

Over the past two years we have been exploring the ways we ‘do’ church and dreaming and asking God what’s next. Our beginnings go back to a disco in 1998 where a group of ordinary inexperienced people came together with a heart to meet with people who weren’t in church, a heart to share Gods love in a practical and tangible way.

For about 7 years we ran a disco where we came in contact with hundreds of young people, learning how to share Gods message with a whole generation. Since then lots of different things have sprung up, some of which have died off since, some of which are still flourishing. While praying and discerning where God was calling us we were challenged to look at our past. Essentially going back to releasing ordinary people to explore innovative ways of sharing the gospel. It is with this conviction and vision that we have launched the Ignite Network – a simple network of micro-churches/ communities whose desire and hope is to creatively share the gospel with a diverse spread of people.

We are still in our infancy as we follow Jesus into this new stage of our existence but we believe he goes before and within us as he calls ordinary people to follow him in sharing the gospel. This website is a connection place for those communities and an open invitation for people to join in with what God is doing in places around Dublin. It is our hope that it will be a resource to anyone as we join together to share the message of Jesus wherever we are.

The website has three core purposes, to equip, to engage and to send out. Our talks are recorded weekly and will be posted here each Wednesday. We hope these will inspire and challenge you to go deeper in your faith and discover more about him. If you are interested in doing a bible study then our resources section might interest you. This will be updated with new bible studies when possible. Our blogs are there for engaging with. We really encourage people to take time to read the weekly blogs and to comment and grow in community online, and we encourage those conversations to continue offline as we all seek to grow together.

While we strive to reach people online, we are also seeking to reach people offline too. Our micro churches section will give you some idea of the work we are doing. Ordinary people showing love in their daily lives, reaching out to people where they are at.

The website is an ongoing work but Adam and Graham have put a phenomenal amount of work into getting this to where it is – so thank you to both of them for all they have achieved with it. I pray that it will be of benefit and encouragement to you wherever you are…

At the end of the day it is not about us but about Gods mission, Gods church and Gods kingdom as we join with Him as he creates new life in places and people.

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