Get to Know You: Adam

Tell us about yourself.
I’m in my older twenties now and have lived in South Dublin since I was born. I’m working full time as a Graphic Designer. My favourite things are my guitar, lemon cheesecakes, learning about the solar system and looking at pictures of cats on the internet. I started coming to Ignite at around 2006/2007 and have been involved in various capacities since. I currently lead worship on some Sunday mornings and help out with anything graphic design related, such as the website, videos and powerpoints.

Has there been a time in your life where you have experienced God in a real way? 
I have seen God at work the most in the past year or two. Seeing him working in Ignite and in peoples lives there. Seeing him restoring relationships in both myself and others.

What impact does your faith have on your day-to-day life?
My faith helps me see and think in a different way. When others around me strive for money or careers or relationships my faith is the thing that helps me see that there is more to life than those things.

What are your dreams or hopes for the future?
I hope that God continues to use me in whichever way he wants! God has given me the gift of creativity and my hope for the future is to be able to use those gifts in whatever way to point people towards Jesus. But I also dream of a warmer and sunnier Ireland!

What does it mean to you to be an ambassador for Christ?
Being an ambassador means that I should strive for people to see Christ in me. Whether that’s in work, online, offline, with friends…my words, actions, whatever, should be pointing people towards Christ and not away from him. This doesn’t mean to pretend to be the perfect person, but rather to let people know that I am not perfect and that I need a saviour in Jesus. It means learning through my mistakes and hard times and using those moments to come closer to God.

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