Paul in Athens | Emma in Magaluf

Over the past few weeks we have heard stories of what God is doing in the world, we heard stories from OM yesterday. Paul journeys with the message of Jesus to Athens in Acts. Emma has traveled with the same message to a different place. Both places are full of idols; both places need to hear about Jesus.

Emma is in Magaluf with a small team with 24-7 prayer sent this update on how she is getting on out on the streets with people. They spend their time practically helping and praying for and with the people in this crazy place called Magaluf. Continue to pray for opportunities and breakthroughs for her and the team.

In just three nights of being out on the streets from 11pm – 3am with the short term team we have got to know lots of different people, had the opportunity to pray with 30 or more people on the streets and then taken around 44 written prayer requests from different people we have met. God definitely exceeded our expectations and it was amazing to see the team grow in faith for more.

God answering prayers

One short story of a guy I met outside a bar who is a DJ. I’d never met him
before. He stopped me and asked “are you the guys that pray”?  Straight away
that give us an inroad to offer prayer then since he was open. We stood
outside the bar all 4 of us holding hands and praying for his DJ set to be
the best one yet. It was a beautiful moment! We left and the next night he
stopped me and said he had the best set ever and got paid more than he
usually did! So amazing that he recognised God answering his prayers. Since
last week he asks us to pray for him most nights

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