Random but the same

July always tends to be a bit of a random month when it comes to Ignite. People are away and we also take the opportunity to do things a bit differently. Some like the change – and some don’t!! At the end of the day we want to focus on having Jesus at the centre of all we do and try. Random in what it might look like but the same focus. Yesterday we drew and discussed as we looked at Ephesians 2 – we were reminded that we were dead in our sins but because of Gods great love for us that we are made alive – created as His workmanship, created to do good works. Praise God for his grace and willingness to rescue us.

This Sunday is no different as we do random July! Keeping our focus on Jesus we plan to meet in houses this Sunday. So instead of meeting in Urban Junction there are three families for you to join with – Alex and Naomi’s or Allan and Dorothy’s or Simon and Cheryl’s. All will start at about 11am – there will be brunch/ coffee and a thought/ bible study/ chat. There may even be some singing. Please let the office or the hosts know that you are going so we know to have enough food for you! I know its different but embrace doing the same thing (praising and focusing on Jesus) in a different place and probably in a different way. As well as meeting in houses on Sunday – Richard and Wendy are doing something similar in their house on Friday @ 6.30pm – food, discussion, prayer, community time. Again let them know if you’re going.

So as we try something different this Sunday remember in the randomness – Jesus is at the centre, the focus and the reason for our faith.

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