Waiting Room

Do we have waiting room? Do we have the space to wait? To not look at our phones, the TV, a book, the news, facebook, twitter…..

Do you ever just stop and do nothing, just wait.

Its hard – to just stop and reflect as there are always things to occupy our minds.

In preparation for Christmas and to help us in our waiting and anticipating – starting tomorrow and each day over the next 24 days a video will appear on the website, sharing a part of the Christmas story. A different person from our community will share their reflection on a particular part of the story of Jesus – their own response to the coming of the King, the birth of the Messiah, the entering in to our world of the Saviour, the Prince of Peace.

So take a minute to watch these reflections and then just wait, anticipate, dream, imagine and join with us as we remember daily, the coming of Immanuel – ‘God with us’.

Here, now…

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