LTC: Meet Sam Moore

Sam Moore is the Director of Innovista Ireland. Innovista is an organisation that exists to identify and develop young leaders to take the hope of Jesus to those around them. Sam will be leading our next session in the Leadership Training Course (LTC) entitled ‘Building Community’. Sam was born in Scotland, grew up in Belfast where he attended Queen’s University and worked for nine years leading student ministry.

Sam says, “My journey of following Jesus took various twists and turns before Christian family and friends inspired me to take this commitment seriously at 18. Experiences in the Developing world gave me a hunger for social justice and I’m passionate about helping people reach their God-given potential and bring the transforming power of God’s Kingdom into every sphere of their lives. I began as a timid leader and have grown considerably through the investment of others with leadership experience ranging from a number of overseas mission teams to church small groups to an Irish student ministry.”

Sam moved to Dublin to start Innovista Ireland in late 2009 before marrying Emily a year later. They live in inner city Dublin where they lead a small group together in their church.

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