Collaboration is good

Over the past 15 or so years we at Urban Junction/ Ignite Network have had help and support from many different people. Some who helped run the dance club and break up fights, others who helped children with their homework, others who ran summer programmes, others who have visited people in their homes, others who have spoken at events or led groups. The advantage of a wide diverse team is that we have a rich collaboration, we get things done better, and we learn and serve better!

Seeing individuals discover their gifts and participate in a team making the whole team much deeper has been one of the things that has inspired me over the years. That God uses such diverse people with different gifts, bringing them together to create a new future. Some of my best memories over the past 15 or so years have been those times working alongside people, working towards a common goal, a common mission. We have had people from all over the world, people bringing something to the table, something that adds to the team.

This September we push on another door that we feel God calling us into. The opportunity to invite others to collaborate, to be part of this team, this community, this network as we follow Jesus together. The new Ignite Network Internship Programme is a way for us to invest in and build up people as well as giving them real opportunities to serve alongside people, to learn about the God who calls and loves and to discover their gifts and passions in community. If this is something you feel might be for you or you know someone that might like to know more then please pass on the info. There is more information here.

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