Finding Joy

On Sunday Simon talked about giving thanks. It is the key to joy. That is what I’ve been learning over the past few weeks.

It started with a book that was given to me at Christmas; ‘One Thousand Gifts’ by Ann Voscamp. She is a farmer’s wife in Canada who discovered the simple truth that a thankful life is a joyful life.

A thankful life is a joyful life.

When Jesus received the loaves and fish, he gave thanks and then multiplied them. Before he called Lazarus from his tomb, he gave thanks. On the night before he died for the world, he took the bread, he gave thanks, broke it and gave it to them. Thankfulness always preceded a miracle. He gives thanks, and God is revealed.

The Greek word used in these situations is ‘eucharisteo’ – in English,¬†eucharist. Broken down, it includes the word ‘charis’ which means gift or grace, and ‘chara’, which means joy. The eucharist is an expression of grace, joy and thankfulness. Eucharisteo precedes miracles.

When Voscamp discovered this, she realised the joy of giving thanks. She grabbed a notebook and pen and began writing down one thousand gifts.

And I followed her example. I’m sitting on the aircoach, writing this on my phone… I’m on #51.

51. The time and finances to go on holiday
52. A packed lunch, ready to go, sustaining food.
53. Great company
54. Sun shining on ignite BBQ
55. Belting songs to our God
56. Calloused feet from 2 weeks in the sand of greystones

When we thank God for every small blessing, we find joy. This is the miracle of the everyday.

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