Fruit for Thought

Genesis chapter three depicts the fall of mankind. Adam and Eve commit the original sin by disobeying God and eating from the tree of life. They foolishly submit to the snake who deceives them into believing they will gain wisdom by eating the fruit which was forbidden by God. Through their actions we have become a people of sin. God declares to Adam and Eve the ramifications of sin and how it has warped His perfect creation.

One question I asked myself whilst reading this passage was why did Adam and Eve sin? Didn’t God create them perfectly, in His image?

God granted us free will. God gave us the option to choose between right and wrong, to follow what is good or to follow what is evil. We can choose to obey God or we can disobey Him.

But surely it would have been easier if God hadn’t given us free will? Adam and Eve wouldn’t have sinned and mankind wouldn’t have been born sinners.

God is a loving God. He loves us unconditionally and wants us to love Him in return. Imagine you could cast a spell on someone and make them love you. They would love you; they would take care of you and be there for you. But it is a false love. God does not want this. Love means so much more when it is organic, when it blossoms from the deepest parts of us. God allowed us free will so that we could choose to love him, choose to follow him and have a deeper relationship with him. God weeps for us when we sin; his heart breaks for all that is wrong in the world. God offered us freedom but Adam and Eve betrayed Him.

However there is hope! Through the Jesus, God offers us redemption and by His grace and love we are set free once more.



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