Who is this man…

Ever heard someone say “Jesus just isn’t for me”? I know I said it once upon a time. I had that instinctive, uncomfortable rejection of the very name of Jesus, even though I didn’t know much about him (ie nothing) at the time.

The past few Sundays, we’ve been looking at who Jesus was, and it brought to mind a speaker I heard years ago when I was still living in London.  I can’t remember her name, where she came from, or even really what she spoke of.  But I can still hear clear as day her final glorious summation of who Jesus is …to everyone.  And it went something like this:

To the botanist, he’s the lily of the valley

To the zoologist, he’s the lion of Judah

To the viniculturist, he’s the true vine

To the geologist, he is the rock

To the astronomer, he’s the Morning Star

To the psychiatrist, he’s the Wonderful Counselor

To the architect, he’s the cornerstone

To the theologian, he’s the high priest

To the professor, he’s the good teacher

To the linguist, he’s the living word

To the pastor, he’s the good shepherd

To the shepherd, he’s the Lamb of God

To the bride, he is the groom

To the royals, he’s the Prince of Peace

To the slave, he’s the liberator

To the soldier, he’s the commander

To the athlete, he’s the prize

Like the persecuted, he was tortured

Like the guilty, he was condemned

Like the lonely, he was alone

Like the grieving, he was overwhelmed with sorrow

Like the outcasts, he was rejected

For the blind, he is the light of the world

For the hungry, he is the bread of life

For the thirsty, he is the living water

For the sick, he is the healer

For the anxious, he is peace

For the orphan, he is a father

For the mother, he is a son

For the lost, he is the way

For the liars, he is the truth

For the dying, he is life

So who is Jesus?

Once my enemy, now dearest Friend.

Note: bible references available on request…

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