The Ache for Beauty

Being a lot lacking in ideas for a blog due today, or maybe yesterday, I did have one happy thought! An old friend of ours, Lynn Caldwell, is a creative, married to a creative. She’s Canadian, a writer, photographer and maker. He’s Irish, an uilleann piper, among other things.

Lynn’s Dad died recently, and she has written about losing him in her blog.

This piece is for those of you who live far away from family.

And this is for all of you who make beautiful things to express your love, sadness, delight, longing…

There are other themes you might enjoy too, but these capture something special about life and how to live that may matter to someone. I hope so! Thanks Lynn, for permission to introduce your writing.

An ache for beauty, however we recognise it, seems to be a spirit trait, deeper even than our hearts. Some of us need to escape to wildness and space and the glory of empty places. Some of us love sinking into a book that takes us somewhere else, or a movie. For others music is the freeing thing, that lifts us out of our day to day existence to heights. A garden with the battle against invaders and the struggle to give space for small living things to thrive and show off their beauty is enough for others.

Psalm 18:18 speaks of the Lord being my support.  “He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.”

This week, this month, may you discover the Lord is your support. May you find yourself in a spacious place, however that looks for you. And may you understand deep in the middle of you that the reason he went to the bother of rescuing you is because he delights in you.

Photo © Lynn Caldwell, used with permission

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