A Lyric Stream-of-Consciousness Piece dealing with (in)Sanity

There’s so much to do! Panic. More panic

There’s a thing I’ve forgotten and a list left from yesterday that didn’t get done

Today’s list is longer – and that blog to write

What? Spiritual content today? That has to wait

There’s an Important Email to reply to

It’s already overdue

[stop that noise!]

Things were sorted, weren’t they? What happened?

A late night, that’s what. Now it’s all falling apart

You can’t cope without enough sleep, you know

You’ll be tired all day and it’s all your own fault

[Have you washed your face? Really? What, oh, my face. Ah…]

The children are banging on the wall between the bathrooms

What obscure flight of fancy makes this the thing to do?

Badly parented, that’s why. They don’t know how to communicate without walls to bang on

Yesterday they were nagged, not encouraged

They will probably end up not fulfilling their potential

[Why can’t you just get ready?]

If you add up the minutes required, there simply isn’t time

There is no time!

I wanted to read John

Of course, he’ll still be there later, or tomorrow

He tends to stay where he’s put, good old John

Efficient people have time for everything

Good Christian people always read John first

They have time for that, don’t they?

[Shoes. Shoes, now! Run!]

Stressed. Yes, I am stressed. I recognise this one. I am stressed

So I can get cross now, okay?

I am stressed

Stressed is a grown-up important thing

It proves I’m working hard

What was that thing I’ve forgotten?

[What was that thing I’ve forgotten? No idea? Then just run!]


Oh. What?

Why stressed?

Because there’s too much to do,

And no time to do it.

I don’t want to be a stressed, angry kind of person

And I refuse to compromise

And there is just too much to do

[Good! Out at last. Whew. Oh, it’s sunny…]

Too many things, you see

Like a camel loaded with straws

I am meant to do it all

Cooking, work, other work, bible study, being nice

Housework, parenting

Admin. More admin

That’s what you have to do to be good enough

Reliable, efficient, competent, capable

Then you might be good enough


[Ha! These children make me laugh.]

But why is it making you stressed?

Why does it matter?

If not much gets done, what will happen?

Well…nothing much

Not really

It would all come out okay, I suppose

[Would you tell your children they aren’t good enough unless they work harder?]

Oh. Oh!

This camel is being silly

This camel needn’t carry all those straws

This camel, could, in fact, drop the whole bundle

It makes no difference to God

[I love them all the same, really. All the time, even]

And have a cup of hot chocolate

And would still be good enough, really

[Excuse me. I have some hot chocolate to make.]



The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.

He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you,

But will rejoice over you with singing.

Zephaniah 3:17


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  1. Marie Keegan

    What wonderfully alive blog – loved it! Thank you

  2. HEATHER Mckay

    Sounds familiar!! Letting God love and care for us in the midst of it all is hard.

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