Jesus Wept

There’s a heaviness hanging in the chest that the mind doesn’t understand

“You have an eternal, unbreakable hope,” mind declares, “why the tears that yearn to leak out?”

“Do you not believe what the Lord has said?”

“Do you not believe that He is only good?”

That voice upstairs answers itself, “Yes, amen!” while down below hands tremble and throat aches and the heaviness grows




The argument goes on, never resolved, tears never fall

The heaviness hides for awhile, comes back, burning in its hole

“Fear is your enemy!” cries the offended intellect

“Despair is the death of faith!”

And yet feet still slow, the chesty weight slipping down to leaden legs

Eyes refuse to open, seeking to burrow in the dark


“Why this despair?” the mind continues to rebuke while the body remains helplessly silent


And then, another voice more felt than heard whispers back, “Because I grieve too”


“Because My hope is unbreakable, but My world is broken”

“Because My joy is here, but hidden by shadows”

“Because I speak, but you don’t understand me”

“Because this is not how it is supposed to be



Inspired by John 11:1-45


Theme photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

2 Responses to “Jesus Wept”

  1. Marie Keegan

    Peggy – this is my first chance to read your incredible poem. I love, the way you depict perfectly the head from the heart – one trying to suppress the other! It’s beautifully authentic and deeply moving. Thank you

  2. Fiona B

    Peggy this is beautiful. Beautifully raw. Thanks x

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