Being on the Outside

It is hard to know what to write on a blog post. So many new thoughts and new experiences since my last post. I have shared in such joy and elation, and I have also shared in much pain and heartache.


Getting up in front of everyone and saying au revoir to the Urban Junction community was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I spoke to a few people afterwards who said they had never seen me like that. I was shaking like a leaf, I was on the verge of tears and I couldn’t put a proper sentence together. I had so much I wanted to say but couldn’t do it.


As I haven’t been around UJ in the past few months, the only things I get to see are whatever is posted on the Facebook page, or when blogs are put up.

It is difficult being on the outside, you’re seeing this community of people who you have invested so much of your life into and they are getting on doing their thing.

And great! Thanks be to God for that. One thing I admire most about Urban Junction is its ability to keep moving and striving for the next thing.


I was moved by what Isaac wrote about in his blog. Some of the words really hit home. I thought he was very right when he said, “I like the Psalms so much because they’re very surface-level human”, but there is more to them, there is a richness and a depth to be found in the Psalms. Not just the Psalms though, the entire Bible is the story of God’s action in the world, and in this world, there is pain, suffering and grief. God sent His Son to join in that.


My favourite person in the Bible is Paul, I have always felt drawn towards him. His story in Acts is amazing, from his conversion right up to his last days in Rome. In the face of all the trials he stayed fixed on the message he had to preach. Paul spent his time on the move, he went from community to community preaching the good news. He would stay awhile, but eventually he would move on. He writes letters to these new communities usually telling them more about Jesus or giving them correction in how they should be. He always found a way to get his point across and it was usually in fantastic and head-melting detail. But he always made time for his hello. It usually included how much he wanted to be with them, and that he missed them. I can relate to this part of Paul now unfortunately.


I have such fond memories of Urban Junction. I’ve so many too. I could write a blog just on the memories alone.

Encouraging words spoken to me which have impacted me, but most of all the action people took by investing in my life.

Stuff people have done for me that they probably don’t even remember, but they are stored in my heart and will not be forgotten.


Hebrews talks about the heroes of the faith, well when I think of you guys, that’s what I think about. You’re all heroes to me. People who have helped shape and mould the person I am today, and I am so thankful that I was part of it.


I would encourage Urban Junction to keep going. Invest in people, love people. I’ll tell you what, loving people the way Jesus did is a great theology, and Urban Junction does this, and I pray that it continues. Invest in your young people and learn from them. You’ll be surprised at what they can teach you.


I’m actually struggling for a conclusion, so maybe I’ll just say this:


Thank you.


Theme photo by Chris Moore on Unsplash

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