In the Moment

There are times in life when you are just too busy, and that’s that. There’s no point thinking about reflection and peace, meditation and mindfulness. Sometimes you have to get up and start working and keep going till you fall asleep again. That’s just how it is.


Writing a blog after one of those times (moving house) is odd. There’s no Thought for the Moment, because there hasn’t been time for either thought or moment. There are no bible verses to illustrate anything, because, actually, the bible is still a bit packed.


What there has been time for, though, is prayer, and living in the present. Not worrying about anything beyond practical needs. Not over-thinking.

Experience has been gathered, and I expect there might be time to assimilate it in the future.


Well, I really hope so.


There’s lots of gratitude. Things work out and, despite my fears, life does move on from boxes. People are far more amazing then I thought, and I thought they were pretty good. There’s a clearer knowledge of weaknesses. There’s greater determination in shaping the routines and joys of life. There’s also much more understanding of wood (smells splendid), expanding foam (this is excellent fun), hammers (don’t lose them) and – did I mention boxes? I know all about boxes now.


And there’s the knowledge that you can pray when you are sanding ceilings, painting walls, and driving. Above all, the knowledge that every moment must be grasped and celebrated right now. It might never happen again.


That seems sufficient for now. Maybe when it’s assimilated something profound might come of it. You never know.


Theme photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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